I am planning on getting my first electric to replace an acoustic. I am really a beginner as i haven't touched a guitar for nearly a year. i was thinking of either a Dean vendetta xm or dean ml xm. I am restricted on what i can get as i am in the middle of nowhere in Ireland and there no decent dealers where i live. My budget is up to €250(£230,$365). I play all types of rock and some metal. I have an amp it's a tenson scream 15. Any suggestions or opinions welcome
I am trying to avoid tremelo's as i have heard they are a pain to restring and keep in tune. I don't think i would need one yet.
I'm also in the middle of nowhere so I can sympathise with your problem.
Buying online is a pain but here's an expert who will give you a full setup before he sends it to you
I have played one of these (in Clonmel!) and they are delightful for the money.
If you fancy a Les Paul type you will need to check around for a Vintage V100 which retails at around £200 in UK (cheapest is Dolphin Music but they don't like selling to Ireland in a sensible manner.)

THEN save for an amp worthy of your efforts.
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