Hey People,

So iv'e been playing for about 5 years and i have a guitar and an amp that im happy with . I just got into a band and i figured it would be a good idea to get some pedalzzzzz.

So i love vintage tones and i play chili peppers, ac/dc, RAGTM, Audioslave. I really love the type of guitar tones on Stadium Arcadium by the chilis as well

So to start off im looking for some recommendations id like to get some used pedals, mainly to give a vintage tone.

Can you suggest:

-Good websites for vintage pedals-other than gumtree and ebay,oh and im in the uk btw so sites in £'s please)

-And also what pedals i should look out for??

Thanks for your help

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if you want a good vintage sound you should invest in a great vintage amp of some sort. many of the vintage pedals that are around suffer in build quality because people weren't so smart back in the day, and there are builders out there who can reproduce the vintage pedals with the same components but built properly with good bypass etc.

what sort of effects are you looking into? and does it have to be UK? because if you lurk around the USA craigslist you can pick up loads of sweet deals for vintage pedals.

there's also studio 1525 that is based in USA but ships abroad and has a huge inventory.

Well i would prefer UK, but if they can be easily shipped then i might swing that way.

And i'm mainly looking for a nice chorus or some sort of modulation effect. A nice crisp reverb.And a Smooth distortion for soloing
Mexi Strat-->nothingness-->good ol' marshall
this is kinda like looking for the the book on how to play poker. there is no real way of knowing what sounds like what without hearing it. my recommendation is start getting gearhead friends that dabble in the vintage market. that is how i got my experience with vintage equipment. this takes a couple of years of accumulating a knowledge base and eventually you'll be there.

where to start?

late 70's/early 80's boss(think ce-1)
electro harmonix

officially licensed circuits
red witch

this list is by no means exhaustive, and be careful of imitations that aren't what they're cracked up to be.
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i think the Dano CC chorus does a nice vintage chorus sound. the Haardwire chorus is great too.

EDIT: Damn you, Nighraven i've been on Studio 1525 so long i forgot to bid on my pedals.
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malekko spring chicken is out of production!?! #$%#^&$*&*@#. man, i am upset. better get one soon then. damn

effectrode has a phenomenal chorus, it is wild. they're expensive though. i use the scf like nightraven says, it's good, it's not the original 70's version though but still real good. i use mutron phasers right now.

if you want real vintage style reverb then either get a reverb head unit or a vintage amp with long spring reverb in it.

for distortion i don't really go overly vintage, i use a zvex boost pedal, a addrock od and a redwitch fuzz. these brands aren't really vintage, but they do very well.

that was an excellent post night raven
punk isn't dead, it's always smelled that way.

"A perfection of means, and confusion of aims, seems to be our main problem."