So ive been in quite a few bands and they all worked differently in terms of what they use rehearsal time for. What do your band do in band practice do you actually all learn the songs there or do you tab and mp3 stuff beforehand then compose a bit, arrange and tighten up together?

Its a nightmare learning complicated music from scratch in rehearsals imo, my new band seem to not be bothered doing the work outside the rehearsal room but at the same time are pushing to do 3 practices a week. For me you just get burned out doing it this way not to mention spend a fortune in practice money.
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Someone would present a new idea, it would get voted on. If it was voted yes, we would jam around it until we heard something cool and build up from there.

We would also just plat play existing songs to make sure we were always tight.
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Learning the songs during rehearsal is a waste of time. Rehearsals are meant to get all the instruments synchronised together, not for learning songs. If you're in a band that only plays originals and not covers their should be me more work done outside the rehearsal room considering the writing process. Their should be jam sessions between several members to share ideas and complete the song. During rehearsals, the members should have a general idea of how the songs go, and some modifications will be made. In general, rehearsals are meant to practice songs, not learn them.
We tend to go there knowing our parts, and then at the end we'll vote on what we want to do next after we've got the current stuff tight. Also the last half our or so is usually like building on songs together.
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In one band, 1 or 2 songs would be brought in each week by me and the other songwriter and we would sort of arrange it, practice it a few times and then change bits and add bits. Then we'd go over our other songs, especially more recent ones.

The other band I was in was a covers band made up of good musicians doing simple '60s pop songs, so in a practice we'd learn 3/4 songs that various people had brought in, just play 'em all a few times and we'd have them down.
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Mmmm. I think we need to meet and discuss how we do rehearsals.

That's a good idea. The first band I mentioned had really inefficient rehearsals, where we would fail to get anything done, until we actually talked about what we wanted to achieve with a practice and set out to do it.
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Its usually a 3hr rehearsal.From 11 to 2. We warm up by covering a song or two. Then we write songs or improve upon our songs until 1. From 1-2 we record any material we find suitable enough for our Myspace.
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RE-HEAR-SAL... We usually rehearse at rehearsals.. Yiiiir..

But if what you mean is how we do with NEW music when the track list is getting expanded.

It's usually a few practices. Make the song with the band, usually this starts at rehearsal-hours and carries on into your free time, then when the song is smacked together, every member should practice on their parts in their spare time, so that it'll not be completely useless at the next practice, where you hope to actually be playing the damn thing.

Hope that had any answers.. if it didn't.. then.. I don't really give a damn. But good luck with it all, you

- Play two or three songs you already have down (try to vary them from practice to practice) just to warm up.

- Spend a designated amount of time on working out kinks on songs you haven't quite got 100% yet.

- Work on your set and linking each song into the other nicely in case any gig calls for it.

I've always got bands to time songs/set-lists to gain an average length of set so at gigs where you are short of time or required to do more songs, you have a good grasp of how to shift your songs/set around.

The majority of writing new songs should be kept to an acoustic (or quiet) jam/practice maybe at someone's house. In that more chilled atmosphere you tend to be able to let things flow and get more creative.

Extra: Practice first; get drunk afterwards.
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Learn covers and practice the stuff you know at home and try to do two new songs per practice and run through the rest of the stuff. That's what we do and it works pretty well.
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If you're in a band that only plays originals and not covers their should be me more work done outside the rehearsal room considering the writing process.

Actually it's the complete opposite. If you're in a cover band, you'll spend more time learning outside the rehearsal room than in it. For originals to get tight, all bandmates need to become familiar with the song, and due to their nature they grow organically. A cover band already has a pre-existing reference of what the song is supposed to sound like.

Consider the process for auditioning for each type of bands.

Originals band;

They give you some links to their songs (if available). You show up on the day and play around with certain parts. The emphasis is on whether the people work well together, rather than whether perfect songs are coming out of the audition.

Covers band;

They give you 5 songs that you learn note for note. You show up and these songs are played exactly, with little to no variation. If you get accepted they'll hand you a list of 40 songs which they expect you to learn by the end of the month.

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Rehearsals are used for rehearsing. It's unforgivable in a cover band to not know the song when you show up. You have access to practicing it beforehand. If you are in an originals band, it's good to make recordings and/or lead sheets for your bandmates to practice them at home.
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