Sounds good mate.
It's cool to hear about another Maritime band. Hear they rocked out with Black Moor a little while back.
Keep Rocking guys.
Some clips from my first show with Iron Giant and White Cowbell Oklahoma>

Choke The River With Your Dead


Armour Divides


Sleeping All December

Two new songs up on our myspace page.

As well, here is a podcast with our lead singer Dan, as well you can hear two other tracks called Straight To Hell and Heavy Lies The Crown, from our upcoming album Choke The River.

Just giving this a good old bump.

My space and everything is the same, but we wrote a song yesterday ala Machine Head/Crowbar, so I am excited to try and get it recorded for perhaps some material we need in the future.

We have our album dropping this summer, we have two songs on a soundtrack to a short film that was just accepted into the Atlantic Film festival, plus tweo more projects I can't announce yet until the final details are sorted out, but it's going to be one hell of a good summer.
Hey suffer what's up? I'll check the tunes out when I get home, I can't go on any myspace-like sites at all 'cause I'm at work. I'll check back after I've actually heard it.
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Death Valley Driver is proud to announce that their song "Mothsblood", from the upcoming album "Choke The River", shall appear on Diminished Fifth Records 'The Music of Artisanship and War: Volume 3'. Click on the link below to check out this awesome compilation!!!!!

really good riffs man, bits of sabbath and down in there, two of my favourite metal bands. awesome stuff.
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Thought I'd bump this up!!

Playing a show tonight with metalian from Montreal, and Diminished Fifth Records band Blackmoor!!!! Plus it'll be getting filmed!!!!

Plus our album is in the final process of getting finalized for pressing! Plus a music video in the works!!!

I will keep anyone interested updated when i get more info!!!!!
Hell yes. Goddamn I love southern metal. Band is ****ing sick dude. Can't wait to hear what you get outta the studio.
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Okay, thought I'd bump this back up after quite awhile. Album is complete and in stores now!




Plus here are a few live videos for your enjoyment! Hoping to have a music video done sometime in the future!!! Hope you like it!


Insect Dirge

Choke The River

And finally, a cover of Roots Bloody Roots!



OUr album is available on itunes!