Hey guys, a few questions about audacity. How do I quiet down one specific track? I googled, and I could find this http://www.jtoolkit.com/audio/EditingAudioPart2.pdf

That explains how to do it using the envelope tool, but isn't there another way? Someone told me about panning the gain, but I don't see where to do that. And when I do use the envelope tool, I can only make things quieter. Also, very n00b question, once a have a bite selected, how do I deselect it? Thanks, any help would be appreciated.
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u could highlight the track (either all of it or just the part that needs to be quite) then click on effects at the top and click on amplify....once there slide the bar to the negative decibels (Db's) and click ok...if its too quite just undo with "ctrl+z" and try a different negative value...

to unselect/highlight click once anywhere on the track