First off, didn't find a forum that would be more appropriate for my questions, but if there is, please move it.

I've bought a PA for rehearsal room, consisting of a Studiomaster Diamond 8/3 mixer and two speakers at 140 watts each. I don't know if it's got a built in power amp.

The speakers have 2x1/4" tele ins each and the main outs on the mixer are mono/right/left XLR males with separate faders, a few sends and headphone out.

The problem is: I'm barely getting any volume from it, is that because there is no power amp or wouldn't I get any sound at all then? How would I connect the power amp? XLR-tele cables from the mixer to it and then speaker cables from the power amp?

Also, our drummer uses the headphone out for his headphones, but there is almost no volume at all there, even with the volume control for headphones maxed (we're running backing tracks using tape in, but the volume from mics is fine)
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