Hey there.

Yep, a n00b question but just wanted to check. I understand how the wireless system works, plug into your guitar, then it gets sent to a reciever.

But if you were to say, have pedals, would you plud the reciever in at your first pedal 9As in the one you'd plug into first from the guitar) or run all the effects in the loop?

I know I'll probaly get laughed at, but a guys got to know
the reciever has a "guitar plug" on it, so you just plug that into whatever you would normally plug the other end of your cord into... so like a pedal or amp, or something else
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Ah alright, I kinda expected that, just wanted to know before hand incase I bought a system and found it didn't work with my pedals

Thanks again, and sorry for the n00by question.