Poll: Which overdrive should I get?
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Boss SD
0 0%
Digitech Bad Monkey
10 59%
Dan Electro Transparent Overdrive
5 29%
Other (Tell Which)
2 12%
Voters: 17.
^^^ haha im a poet and i didnt know it.

So basicaly i have this mesa rectoverb, and i need something to give it a little more gain, and tighten up the low end to give it that bottom end crunch it lacks.

so keep in mind this od needs to go well with a recto and i will be using it over a already heavily distorted amp.

my bugdet is $55
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Danelectro transparent OD.
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Lolz that guy is a noob.

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you could try a digitech bad monkey
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DOD 308 YJM overdrive? I like it a lot
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try a better keyboard first loll

but yea, I'd say a Digitech Bad Monkey

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Danelectro transparent OD.

This. I have the TO-1 and it is within reason the best OD pedal on the market.
This is just My opinion............Your playin a Mesa Recto i'd save a little more $$ and Buy What you want.......Not what you can buy on a budget. A MXR 10 band would work perfect IMO. If your gonna stay on a budget The Bad Monkey Work pretty Darn good Best of Luck.
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My vote goes to the Bad Monkey. I use some good quality pedals that are quite expensive and the Bad Monkey stacks up well against all of them. I can't imagine being without it.
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Other: an EQ. Possibly the Boss GE-7 or the Danelectro Fish 'n' Chips?

Both have level sliders so you can boost the amp and that way you can tweak your tone to taste as well.
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