hey there, i foolishly left my tele out in my car for a couple days, and when i brought it in this morning, the string height is way out of whack...
the b string is just about touching the frets, and i noticed the A was way higher than my E.
how do i adjust this, are there any tips for doing it well?
I intend to play a lot of slide with it when it is back in proper condition, so should i set them up a bit higher?

thanks for the help
any suggestions on how to fix this?
this guitar means the world to me

EDIT: upon looking at it again, i really think it's the saddles...
some screws are noticeable longer/shorter than the others, and the saddles look to be crooked
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Well I don't really know how the saddles would move all by themselves. My saddles aren't all the same height, that's just how things turn out when you set it up. Here's a good link concerning the truss rod, maybe it'll help. http://www.athensmusician.net/archive/2001-05-01_geneimbody1.shtml You can also watch youtube videos to see how it's done.
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