We exchanged national kisses under the present
tense air, at the edge of l'incertitude and an
innocent lover's end. I switched places with
a stranger in an ancient place-changing
machine; And he has no idea he is not where he
used to be. My tired wings soaked in french perfume
from a lovely over the sea rain. She said
she's not looking for hills to roll, but it's good having
someone to escape with. Replaced pills with vibrant green eyes,
and dusty lies with fresh tints of spring.
Harmless like the cigarette skin; oh/r the sound of
sweet plum violins! I stopped looking for metal wires
behind clouds and paint brush marks in
daylight skies: forgot what dreams were for as her clothes
laid like Aztec crafts on my bedroom floor.
And while Pyramus searched for Thisbe around
a lionness' cave, we loved and lied like the noblesse
on Pyramus' warm bed

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I really wish you would post more...

"And he has no idea he is not where he used to be" I don't like.

But other than that, have I told you I really wish you would post more?
Today I feel electric grey
I hope tomorrow, neon black
teehee, thanks man. i noticed that when i usually post stuff i'm supposed to be studying for an exam or doing some important ****.
and i dont like that line either. it was added after i had already posted this. i'll change it. thank you for reading leave links if you want.