A couple reasons. Whenever I do a divebomb a string would break or it'd go out of tune. Also another question I lost my tremolo arm I think that's what it's called but anyway where could I buy another bar?
Any guitar store...
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Okay, since some of the "advice" so far has been less than stellar, allow me to add my two cents.

1: That Floyd you linked to should be a direct swap, most FRs are the same size, except for the Ibanez Edge series, and the Jackson Low Profile ones.

2: When the problem happens with divebombing, I'd guess it's either a burr in your bridge saddle, or you didn't have the locking nut properly secured down.

3: GuitarFetish sells extra trem arms for pretty cheap. They also sell some relatively nice LFRs. If you wanted to go all-out, you could always buy a Gotoh, Ping, Schaller, or Original Floyd Rose unit. Those are the absolute best brands.
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