Hey guys! I need some help picking a tuning to stick to. It's fun playing in different tunings, but with a Floyd Rose equipped guitar, it's something that I'd like to avoid. I mean, I can't really see a lot of advantages of having a different tuning for every other song. :p

Anyway, I'm trying to decide between Standard (and Dropped D), Half-Step Down (and Dropped C#), and Whole-step Down (and Drop C). I've been playing around in Drop C for a while, but I'm wondering if I should reconsider.

More info: I don't really play much "metal" so to speak. I do love and appreciate it, but I don't really use a lot of heavy distortion. My sounds range from alternative to hard rock, and even through some pop-punk and mainstream. My range allows me to sing with all of the tunings.

I was wondering if anyone had some advice to help me determine which tuning would be best for me. Thanks a lot guys!

Personally if youre not playing a lot of metal, stick to good old e standard/drop d. Seems to me most metal songs ive encountered use lower tunings but everything else not so much.

Personally I really like D standard though.

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If your not playing much metal stick to standard/half step down or D tuning. Otherwise your playing will sound too heavy and powerchords and stuff will be hard to find on the fretboard.
What do you guys think about half-step down? I know some more mainstream bands, such as Paramore, use it sometimes, as well as a fewer heavier bands, i.e. Coheed (sorry if I offended anyone by calling them heavier, but they're definitely heavier than bands like Paramore).
I say, stick to Standard E/Dropped D. You can alternate between these tunings pretty quickly, and as long as you're not a complete retard, you can adjust most songs that are played in D standard or D# standard tuning, to Drop D. And hell, most songs that are in C# sound just as well when played in Standard D, so you can play them in Dropped D as well.

And E is the standard tuning that you should keep your guitar on most of the time, in my opinion. And anything below D is simply unneccessary, again, in MY opinion. But you can always get a good old pitch shifter and end all your worries with the turn of a knob
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I'd stick to good old E standard. Anything below drop C sounds sludgy IMO.
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I have two guitars, one with a Floyd Rose bridge and one with a fixed bridge. I keep the fixed bridge one in D Standard and the other in New Standard.

If you've never tried NS, give it a shot
You'll need some custom gauges though, for those higher strings, and you may need to adjust your intonation after tuning.
All Fifths Tuning FTW! CGDAEB
Just use e standard
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