... for the cirque du freak film, and to be honest i didnt see anything in the advert that resembled the book at all, and it doesnt look as if it's going to be very gory like the book either. also are they doing more than one book in the film, because it's called the vampires assisstant which is the second book, if so are they going to pull a lemony snicket and make it sh*t
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It's going to be terrible. Like, they even screwed up the reason why he becomes a vampire. -_-

I'm still going to see it, but I fully expect to walk out pissed.
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It's not just cirque... It's all three, I also saw the ad and it made sense, though I disagree with casting for the vampire
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i absolutely loved the books and as soon as the first came out i loved them and read everything Darren shan wrote... but yeah this is going to suck
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They're actually gonna make this into movies?

For as far as I can recall there were 12 books, all of them featuring some pretty messed up stuff.
Military use of children?

I read the first book. Thought it was awkwardly written.
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i know !!! i love the series but they will ruin it :/ theres the first 3 books in this film !!!! i will have to watch it though even when i know how crap it will be
ya, i read the book but i think the movie is going to suck

The books were utter garbage. The writing seemed like it was written by a 5th grader.
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The books sucked, but the movies are going to do what every form of media is doing: profiting from the **** that is the 21st Century vampire.
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Books were pretty good but as said by others movie will probably suck.
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The book was amazing therefore the film will be ****.
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The books were utter garbage. The writing seemed like it was written by a 5th grader.



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