ok this might sound stupid or stuff(i already apologise for mistakes,im not english) but i have been sitting around and just cant get the 3 chorus part down ;/ the timing seems to be harder than i thought,or maybe im just too dumb its hard to get it,on the cd its hard to hear anyway
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I know what you mean about the timing and audibility, but really, all there is to do is to practice it until you get the timing engraved in your brain and fingers.
yeah i guess just keep on doin the practice i got perfect all the other parts and stuff,but the chorus is harder,atleast for me to do ;D heh tnx anyway
It seems like Flea is just improvising around the chords. I think it's just four chords in total throughout the chorus, so you can just take those and mess around with them. Other than that you've just gotta keep practicing.
Well, the other parts have much simpler timing and are more audible, the timing on the chorus is kind of strange, but definitely workable.
You should check out powertab. There's a good tab here on UG. While it's not going to be the same as the song, it certainly helps your timing, especially if you can read standard notation. I personally use power tab for that exact reason, though it's not good to become dependent.

Other than that, just crank the bass and listen to it a few more times