This song was a collaborative effort between Thorbor and myself. As such, you'll get return crit from both of us. As usual the more depth you go into, the more depth we'll go into.

The song itself is a fusion of both of our styles and is some kind of genre-defying combination of Rock, Hard Rock, Jazz, Funk, Latin and who knows what else.

GP5 is RSE only! GP4 for midi

I'll be putting up a GP4 mixed for midi in the next couple days, as well as an mp3 recording of the RSE version.
The Cool Cats Journey.zip
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This is probably one of the most original things on this forum. I love how groovy it was. Especially well.. the rhythmic groove.

Nice key changes too. All those solos, just perfect. I like how the end gets dark, then funky, then all happy funky. Almost reminds me of Aerosmith near the end with that lead guitar (Funk Reprise). BTW Drums were fantastic!


Check my song again. I don't think you listened to the updated one in my later post.
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Another song I'll be saving in the library .

That was really good, as soon as it began it got me nodding along - very rhythmic. I'm also very jealous of the solos as I wish I had the same skill at writing funk/blues solos, all of which I must say, fitted in perfectly

Favourite part was probably the "Latin Groove" near the beginning as the chord progression was simple but was used effectively. The same would have to apply for "The Cool Cat Struts his Stuff" as the lead was very loose rhythm-wise, a good way to round off the song.

10/10 One of the best bluesy pieces I've heard on this forum.
man that was awesome. i really enjoyed it, not a single flaw IMO. definatley original and a pretty fun song. 9.5/10
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EDIT: Fu- Sorry for the wall of text

First off, congratulations on the amazing effort. =] Rather than go through the piece section by section, I might have to opt for instrument by instrument There's just far too much to ignore.

The drums throughout this piece are great - very tasteful use of dynamics, brilliant phrasing and syncopation. Most particularly its your use of so many pieces of the kit in just the right context; the fluctuating hi-hats that complimented the funkier sections, a pulsing ride to push along the groovier key modulating sections (and while on that note, the key changes you two used in the Rhythmic Groove section work great - sort of reminds me of Dream Theater, when they have their wacky modulating solo sections )
The Dark Carnival part is infectiously groovy - brilliant use of the bass drum and chokes. Very chunky!

Devil Horns and a Jazz Guitar - Very nice shifts of mood and atmosphere (Reminds me of somebody, but I can't quite put my finger on it. I'll report back if I remember!). The addition of the clean guitar definitely provided an extravagant shift in both dynamics and tonality. And it definitely providing some nice additional harmonies for the lead guitar - which again, was phrased wonderfully. I particularly like the use of triplets throughout your leads so far - anything with a unique pulse does it for me! And of course, in terms of using the techniques that best suit the genre - legato, smooth lines, unorthodox structure; perfect

Uneasy recovery is a great break from the madness, if I may say s o -and as with the rest of the piece, I'm quite fond of the momentary dissonance of the M7s

The lead - Very nice shift to a harmonic minor tonality. But then FFUUU- Whole tone tonality at bar 124! Definitely caught me off guard - not that I don't like it But maybe it could be eased into a little better?

I'm loving the syncopated bass at Exodus. I was sort of let down however when the guitars stole the spotlight; I was kind of aching for a higher register bass lead with some harmonic accompaniment But then again, I am typing while listening, so maybe in a more controlled listening it'd be fine for me

The Funk Reprise was great for me - I'm a big fan of recurring themes. There's not really much else to say here.

BIG CHORDS! Lovely! And a very tasty progression - I speak of course of The Cool Cat Struts His Stuff. Very tasty leads - sounds very much like an interlude, and the tension certainly grows near the end!

Very classic rock outro with the lone lead guitar and the bringing back of the band at the very end - it would definitely sound much better in an actual recording, if you two ever get the chance.

All in all - very well done! Great fusion of genres, excellent control over dynamics and syncopation, and a very unique, progressive format. Definitely an enjoyable and interesting piece. Congratulations to both of you on the wonderful job!
If there's anything I can be more specific on, either one of you can feel free to hit me up here or with a PM - I'd be glad to be of more assistance.

My piece is in my sig, though I may have another up next week if I'm lucky Would one of you care to give me some feedback? Thanks in advance

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Oooooooooooooooooh the funk!
So much groove. Idk what to do?!?

Really. This song has an excellent flow to it. Everything is in the right place. My favorite parts are the Latin groove, Dreamland land to Past the Point of No Return, and The Cool Cat Struts his stuff.
The leads were well done, with perfect phrasing. How do you do it? I've gotten to the point where I like my leads, but I can't translate and/or phrase them that well on GP.

That song you critted was just a throw-away song that I was working on a good while back. I probably won't continue with it, since I don't really feel that particular style anymore.
Wow.. This is absolutely amazing, that is all i can say. There are no flaws in this piece, drums were great, the lead and rhythm guitars kept me interested all the way, and the bass creative. I wish I could could be more helpful but this piece has left me speechless.

Good job.
That was awesome
You could have made the harder funk a little better with some distortion and give it a little more of a rock feel but overall good job!

Crit the top in my sig.
Finally another song featuring Icronic, it´s always nice to hear your stuff.

So lets start the crit: The intro is very nice, a single hihat with some fills, very 70´s. The synchroniced intro break leads to a very uplifting start for the listener, very funk rocky. The First riff continues in that vibe, getting some west coast funk rock out there. Sounds a bit like a more complex RHCP riff, in their funky period. I personally would have synchronized the ending bar, to break up the groove while still remaining it´s tightness. The latin changes are very latinesque too, but there´s 1 thing i miss: The clave. You could easily give the song "more cowbell", with the cowbell playing the clave in Dafnis Prieto Stlye. I recommend checking his youtube videos for inspirational drumming. The solo has a very Santana-ish style, and fits perfectly into this latin rock arrangement. Tight break into the "groovy rhythm" The only thing that bothers me is that every second bar of the riff resolves into the #4, which makes it feel a bit incomplete for my ears. Whole tone keychange in the solo. The transition is ok, but I think a nice run to the E (which you bend up 1 step) would fit better. Nice little solo fills on the drums, but a little bit too much Bassdrum for my tastes, I´d use the toms a bit more. The change back to the E fits better than the one before, but the solo ends a bit too rushed for my taste. Drum break is ok, maybe a bit unnecessary. The Dark Carneval sounds a bit like a filler to end up into the Devils Horns part, which is a nice blues rocky solo. Dream land has some nice little Jazz Chords, and yet (another) solo. What´s missing up to this point is a little bit of relaxation, as everything passes so fast without creating very much rememberable moments. Uneasy Recovering has some of these, with very nice groove changes. I forgot to point out that the bass does interplay the drums a bit in the dark carnival part, and does not sound quite right. Nice lead up to the solo in Murderous intentions, although I´m not quite fond on the chord changes, as the tension is very strong, intensivied by the change of it´s keyarea. Nice drum and bass interplay in Exodus, kind of pointing out some jazz aspects with the ride cymbal interplay. Nice lead up to the re-intro with the synchronized break, which resolves nicely into a little Drum solo, but I don´t think that 6/4 break was necessary. The falling 7th theme is nice in "the cool cat..." and may be this songs most memorable aspect with the, as said before by somebody else, very Aerosmithy solo. Nice ending, but some aspects of this song are off. You seem to "rush" a bit trough each passage, without really building much feel for the listener, as you seem to start of each solo at a high level of intensity, and keep playing on that level (with exeption of the outro solo). You´re a composer of a high niveau, but these aspects make your piece seem a little bit worse than what you could have done with it. Sorry for the harsh words, but that´s not personal, and I´m happy each time I see a new piece from you two.

For C4C, you two could crit my Jazz album which I put up here: https://www.ultimate-guitar.com/forum/showthread.php?t=1206681
Don´t be afraid because of the long tracklist, as each track only consists of the head. (and most of the tracks are not longer than 30 bars.)
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I love in the beginning, how the drums kind of evolve over time. Overall, there really isn't much to complain about; the only section I wasn't into was "Rhythmic Groove". The rhythm was just too hard to get into, in my opinion. My favorite section was "Uneasy Recovery"; the clean guitar here is great, and the fade-ins halfway through are perfectly placed.

All in all, all the instruments are well written, and show that time, effort, and creativity were put into them. I give it a 9/10.

P.S. Epic little mini-solo for the outro.
this is sooooooooooo coool. i would definitely buy it.

first off, i expected some nice little funky thing, but WOW what an understatement!

i was given a nice groove with a santana-esque lead [which i LOVED] and some awesome riffs and things thrown in. great song!
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C4C so I'm here.
Do you really expect me to crit you're song? Like there is anything I could add to it

I love this type of funk you have after the beginning.
And also got to love that latin groove, this was my favourite part.
I think I'm going to anylise the lead guitar and the funk riffs