hi people, i've uploaded the 3 songs we've just finished at the studio today - they're on my profile (along with a link to our myspace if you want to add us .

when i joined the band in january this year, we were a classic/heavy metal outfit playing stuff along the lines of skid row and dio. we've focussed on refining and modernising our own sound over the last 8 months and have recorded a 3 track ep to demo our material.

we recorded the ep over 2 days, with 1 day of mixing, tweaking and mastering. the profile player has compressed the tracks a bit, so the guitars sound slightly more squashy than on the originals.

have a listen and let me know what you guys think, cheers!
Pretty good, really good production
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really good music, really good recording quality. What's your gear for recording?
thanks mate

for the dry guitar tone we double tracked a prs tremonti and charvel san dimas through a waves prs interface. for the high gain tones we used the line6 pod farm vst in cubase (diezel amp model) - bass was recorded in the same manner with an svt classic model.

drums and vocals were recorded the usual way with bits of studio wizardry to give it more spacial quality and polish. for just over £300 i'm quite pleased overall
Dude, that was some great work and great recording. I really liked the voice also =),

Keep it up. I'll like to see more from you =)
Thanks for the feedback - we're going to be writing like crazy over the next couple of months. We'll probably hit the studio again in January.

Also, if any of you guys live in and around Newcastle, search our band name on facebook - gig listings and updates happen on there if you want to come and see us. If it had a better/working music player I'd prefer it to myspace :3

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