Im selling my current rig atm.

A bassist friend is looking at buying my head (its a Marshall AVT 150 Watt Head)

Im 99% sure that he can use it if he were to buy a bass cabinet, rated at 8 ohms.

1. Will this work?

2. What effect will it have?

3. Suggest me a relatively cheap bass cabinet :P

Thanks in advance.
1) It will work perfectly.

2) Might sound a bit stong in the bass and lower mids, and perhaps with harsh high-end. A 4x10 or 1x12 should work better than a 1x15.
avatar has cheap bass cabs. that setup won't necessarily be ideal, but i have seen people use much more strange things for bass. you'll be fine.

damn and i thought i was gonna get to do a joshua holmes reference on this post too.
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