I have a couple of Beovox 3702 speakers laying around in my basement collecting dust. I would really like to do something with them but the ends of the cables are bare wires. Is there a connector that I can attach to the bare wires so that I may use the speakers for my computer or TV?





Any help would be much appreciated!

no,wrong forum/board what so ever

take this to polkaudio and they might help you
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those bare wires are actually what you are to use, there are special output connectors on home audio that you insert a bare wire into.

i don't know home audio too much, but what you'll need is an amplifier for the speakers(unless you want to hard wire them to a tv, a computer just has a preamp i believe). those bare wires will go right into the amplifier head unit and then you will run a signal from TV, computer, whatever into the amplifier head.
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