So before I was done building my last guitar i started speculating on the next one. My speculation didn't lead me to enough concrete stuff to write down any solid idea's though.

Then I found some wood. And decided to build a guitar with that.

But that's pretty much all that I have. Here's some horrible shots of the wood to give you an idea of what we're working with-

overall shot of one of the pieces

About how figured this wood gets.

I have enough of this stuff to make a neck through guitar out of. My current plan is to make a 5 to 7 piece neck with alternating cherry and black walnut. I plan on only using the white part of the ? wood for this. The wings will be the wood pictured above. And I want to finish it so that the grain can pull through, even though I know that that heartwood is probably going to cause some interesting times with finishing, but thats okay.

Beyond that, hell if I know what I want.

Which is why I'm posting here. I'd appreciate any idea's you guys have for body shape and finishing and pickup suggestions and all that.

Oh. And it's going to be a seven string.

No, I'm not going to tell you what kind of wood it is. I will just say that I'll be thoroughly impressed if someone can guess it.

But what you should probably know-

The wood doesn't get much bigger then whats pictured before it becomes unusable. Its also pretty rare to find this kind of wood this figured. It's very oily, and somewhere in the "wenge" category of density and silica content. It takes a long long time to grow very big at all, so it has extremely tight-closed grain.

I'm expecting it to sound a lot like wenge, actually.

It would be suitable to make a fretboard out of for the instrument, but I don't have the tools to cut frets with any kind of ease. So either provide me with an easy way of cutting frets in (hell, give me an easy way to cut a multi scale fretboard and I'll make it a nine string) and I'll make sure and make the fretboard for the guitar out of this stuff too.

The guitar is limited by width, it can only be about 14 inches wide max, but that does fit the majority of body styles I've heard of.

Anyway, have at it. I'll post some of the things I'm thinking of later maybe, assuming this thread gets any momentum. But for now I'll just take into consideration suggestions and answer any questions you guys might have to help make your decision on what this guitar should look like any easier
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Alright then. Or I can tell you what I'm planning without anyone to bounce ideas off of.

I want to make this guitar super thin to compensate for how heavy my last build was. I'm mainly looking for suggestions as to what kind of body shape would look good as a thino guitar. Think blackmachine or thinner here. Superstrat and tele are the two that I'm leaning towards right now, though mockingbirds and those parker fly mojo guitar things tend to grow on me in spurts.

And I plan on dying the wings like blue or green or something, but I'm having trouble thinking of good woods to use with the multiple peice neck that wouldn't class. Like I love trans green, but I'm worried that the red in the cherry would make it look weird.

Also, does anyone have a guide for how to do dyes without it "leaking" onto the other wood parts you don't want dye'd? Taping and scraping is the only thing I can think of.

And yes, I know that trans colors could be a pain to do with that heart wood being so strange. But they "should" turn out alright as long as I do multiple coats with sanding and such in between, right?
you could make a thin body (see pic) mockingbird, that would be pretty smexy
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seconded on the thin mockingbird
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summer build? You do realise summer ended a month ago right? Or do you mean summer 2010? Well looks like a nice build anyway.

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lol I had about 3 summer builds to do, non of them got past neck and body gluing

Then again the British summer is about a week long...

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Yes, I meant summer 2010. I currently have the wood in a "drying" state. It'll be neat because I cut down those tree's myself

Which is why it'd be cool to use the wood for a fretboard, so I could say that I harvested the wood i used for my entire guitar, but meh. It's not *that* big of a deal with how much of a pain figuring out how to slot correctly would be.

The more I'm thinking about it, the more that I like the thin mockingbird idea. That was going to be the shape of my first guitar until I decided I had to be *unique* with my first design.
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