100 dollars? don't buy it, that guy's ripping you off.
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I'm skeptical. The paint doesn't look right. Looks a little too milky.
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That is an old NJ Series somewhere in the early to mid 80s It's definitely worth $100.00 BC Rich hasn't used that headstock and lettering/logo in a long time. If you do not want to buy it give me the info I'll snap it up!

It looks like they painted it with the stuff they use to paint walls with.

I wouldn't do it.
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A 20 - 30 year old guitar for £100? Do it
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Paint doesn't look right. Neck looks like it's a mis-match for the body. Pick-ups look rough. I'd say it's fake, but then build quality never has been BC Rich's forte....
yep, that's a real guitar alright
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Infact, look very closely at the pick-up surrounds, they're not even in-line with each other....i'd steer clear dude.