Hey guys, I'm new to the guitar (play piano and make electronic music) and can't figure out what's wrong with my acoustic. I've been googling troubleshooting docs and asking long-time player friends to help out and no one can diagnose the problem. Before I bring my guitar in to be checked out by a professional, I thought I'd hit you guys up.

Whenever I play an open string, notes sound fine. However, only when I play a closed string, I get a buzzing noise where the note should be... I'm sure I'm pressing hard enough on the fret.

Any ideas on how I should try to fix this? I want to learn how to play! =)

Thanks for your help!!
Are all of the frets on your guitar installed properly? Do any frets look higher off the fret board then the others?
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Are u pressing hard enough?
That's a common problem among many starting guitarists
Especially if it does it all the way up the neck
You should adjust your neck. Maybe a guitar tech should do this for you, because you don't seem very experienced. Perhaps he can show you (while doing it) how to do it on your own.

The problem is, that your neck seems to be too straight. (hard to explain that in a foreign language ) So it has to be adjusted like 'away from your body' so there's more space between the strings and the fretboard... something like that
Ima post the obvious stuff,
Are your holding down a the string right before the fret or right after?
Is it just one string or all strings?
Are you holding it down hard enough? Heavier gauge=More Force
I guess it could be the saddle also.