Ok, well I've got a bit of an emergency here and I hope you guys can help. I've never played around with my guitar too much (hardware wise) and while restringing this time I decided to unscrew the screws that adjust the bridge height to clean under them. Problem is, I don't know what height they're supposed to be at, and I can't get it to "work".
I've only put one string on it so far, but am not sure whether to get the string to sound before putting on the rest, or to put on all the strings and then try to adjust the bridge height. I only have one set of strings on me, any nearby luthiers are and guitar stores are closed (Sunday) and I need to play a demonstration for class by tomorrow morning.

I don' want my strings to snap or to do damage somehow, but I'm not sure about how to approach this. I can't get my string to sound without buzzing horribly and am not sure about what procedure to take. I have been detuning, adjusting the height, and then retuning and trying again for some time now, but can't find any information specific to my problem.

I have a Schecter C-1 Classic with a TonePros (or licensed) Tune o Matic bridge with a string through body set up. Any help or tips (or links) would be greatly appreciated.
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i usualy dont even take them off to adjust bridge hieght, the trick is, to put them both at 0, not literally, just the preverbial 0, then screw them both a quarter of half turn at a time down, allways at the same height to each other, and after every turn, feel around the fretboard see if it feels right, play something u dont have to think about or look at the guitar to play, that way youll see if it feels like it should for you
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Put all the strings on. Tighten them so there is no slack. adjust the bridge so they clear the end of the neck. Bring up to approximate tune or a bit flat. Adjust the bridge until there is just no fret buzz. Re-tune.
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I did this and achieved a sound that is passable, but it is nowhere near perfect and I still have a few problems. For one, the higher I go on the fretboard the worse the sound gets (and by worse I mean the sound is weak, tinny, and dies out really fast all of a sudden after a few seconds).
Would this be because the strings are too high or too low?
Also, because of the fact that I was trying to get this done quickly, I restrung the strings around the tuning pegs in a way that I'm not comfortable with and now they keep slipping. However, I'm wondering if that could also be the source of my sound inconsistencies.
Again any help is greatly appreciated.
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