so, this doesn't rhyme, but everytime i tried to, it sounded cheesy. i just gave up after awhile, and decided to go with what flows.

Intro -

One might say i'm a prodigal son searching for my way back home

But somewhere before i reach my final destination, ill find a way to screw myself up, to tear myself down

Half bruised and half bleeding ill come running back to you

praying that you'll forgive me of my past mistakes that keep haunting me over and over again

Verse -

as these shadows start to surround me, how am i to distinguish the difference between the light and darkness in my own eyes?

i wish i could say this was the last time, but as i continue to fall to ashes, am i left to plummet, or is there still a hope after all?

Pre-chorus -

Is there still a way out?

or am i left to die in this snare i've constructed?

Is there still a way out?

or am i left to die in this hole i've dug myself?

Chorus -

the darkness falls, and i am trapped in these mistakes that keep holding me back

i appeal to a higher court, somewhere beyond the sky

and God knows that when i'm left alone, i constantly fall short

i fully believe you God, i just need the key that will free these chains

Quiet bridge -

i'm so tired of playing this game, and as my legs start to give out, i see you right in front of me

where you've been all this time

Outro -

what have i done?

you never left me

i was just too blind to see you there.
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i actually meant wonder :P it changes the whole perspective on it.

and yes, it was a reference, lol. thanks for commenting
the instrumental is on our myspace. im not sure when we'll record with vocals, but it will happen eventually
post hardcore, so its clean and screaming vocals.

the second half of the intro, the pre chorus, and the second half of the chorus is screaming. the rest is singing.