jesus man, where is the sweep picking solo, these are 13 YEAR OLD KIDS!!! i kid... but yeah seems like a good little tune for a beginning player, good way to teach them some basic song structure.
This is good for kids learning how to play an instrument. I never took lessons, so I kind of bypassed alot of the boredom, though, that inevitably comes with taking lessons. This is fine as a lesson, but let your students do some improv and what not over this basic progression. That would make a classroom experience much nicer, plus expand their creativity.
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yes , improvisation is very important , ( i kind of guess thats where the sweep picking solo's will come in ! )
i wanted this piece to be a bit like the stablisers on a bike , you use them to get started (in this case of getting a band together ) and then you do you own thing with it .