Hey this is a song i'm going to make off the top of my head, just for some feedback hopefully. So here we go, it'll be about how i feel at the time with girl situations and such.

Let it begin, and let it end,
my life is a lesson, in which it will bend.
The rules aren't so straight, in this small time world
Only exception, is this one false quarell.
I lied to you, i deprived your fate.
I could have tried harder, to a solid state.
So let the music take you on a tour
i'll just resist you, as you pass on for.
Another man, and another lust,
all forms were shaken, and now lays dust.

A burning cross frozen in my eyes
Ripping and tearing, immortalize
Death has it's price to pay
it's called life, and it's on today.

Tolls paid, and now it's the end of the beginning.
Oh can't we pretend,
that our lives were fair
burn with despair
and now i care.
not for us but where?

a burning cross, lost in a sense of time
ripping and tearing, as it shakes our lives
Life has a price aswell and it's true
it's called death, and it exists too!

And it is!


That's all