Okay, so I bought my first bass last year when my friend bought his electric guitar. I didn't put much thought into it, but I got the same type of bass guitar that he did with his electric, both Epiphone Les Paul's. Now.. was that a huge mistake that I made? Or is this type of bass good for beginners? I see that nobody plays with a Les Paul bass, so I'm wondering if I screwed up majorly by choosing this style of bass.

Could somebody please let me know if I screwed up on my bass selection, and if I did screw up what would you recommend as a starters bass?
LP shape is quite unusual for bass, but as long as it is comfortable & has got good tone - it is good bass.
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I don't play bass, but you could read the faq on the bass forums, one bass they recommend is the GSR200
but really I would say stick with the bass you got until you get down some basics, if you feel you deserve a new bass for your improvement in skill then just go ahead and check the faq for tips
if you like it then theres no problem
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Its not the greatest bass ever but for a 1st bass its not bad. People here sometimes rant about Epi basses but they're a lot better than brands like Stagg and a thousand other no-name brands. From what I've heard the LP is the best bass Epiphone do anyway. Its not about to fall apart and they look pretty awesome so I'd say good choice!
Well, generally alot of players dont play Les Paul basses due to the neck dive. Although, I really wouldn't mind trying one out, I like the idea of having one. There's also that alot of bass players don't like Epiphone or Gibsons, because they're heavily guitar based & the bass designs are generally abit half-arsed.
For the most part, epi basses get crucified around here, but the LP is probably the best bass epiphone makes. If it feels comfortable to you, its fine for a first bass. I wouldn't take it over a Squier or an Ibanez, but its not particularly bad in any respect. I do love the look of LP basses
Its not a great bass, but its not really worth buying another beginner bass either. Maybe put it on craiglist - see what you can in a trade if you absolutely hate it.
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My advice, try out a few basses in a shop that are of a similar price to the one you bought and decide yourself whether you made a mistake or not.

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I personally don't care for any bass made by Epiphone, or even Gibson for that matter, but if you've had the thing for a year and it hasn't given you any problems, then you haven't made a mistake. Also consider that pretty much every serious bass player upgrades at least once, so when that happens, whatever you had as your first bass will be pretty much irrelevant.
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