So i wanna install a killswitch on my les paul but i dont like the look of a killswtich, then i was on guitar centers website and i saw the new epiphone special GT II and in the specs it mentions a tone know that acts as a killswitch as well you just push down on the knob but you turn it and it still works as a tone knob. Does anyone have any idea what the name of the knob that does this is. Or how i can make this possible?

Read the specs
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a push-pull pot should do the trick. essentially just a switch on a pot
that would be a bit clumsy. You have to pull the pot to kill the sound, then push it back down to allow the sound to come back.

Much faster if you just push to kill and let go to restore.

There was a user talking about something called a Shadow Killpot.
Apparently it's availble from Thomamn in Germany.

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