So I want to upgrade to a new amp. I'm tired of solid state and i really want tube.

I play all styles, and i mean all. I'm particularly fond of metal, thrash, and experimental. So it needs to have a great distortion and be versatile.

I'm a marshall fan and have been looking at the JVM and JCM series. I really like their clean tones. I'm looking for suggestions, reviews of marshalls or of any other good tube amps.

My price range, I'd like to keep it under 2k but i'm able to go further if its really worth it.

I was recently looking at the Marshall combo amps and the thing is they cost about as much as a stack head. I have a half stack right now and maybe it would be just as worth it to by the head and then upgrade the cab later?
I prefer the JCMs by far. Especially the older 80's versions. You should be able to find a head off craiglist, eBay or gear ads in the $600 - $1200 range depending. Make sure you don't cheap out on the cab. Get a high quality construction cab with something like Vintage 30 speakers.

What cab do you have now?

Are you a fan of Mashalls due to their tone or the Marshall brand name? If you don't care about the brand name so much there are Marshall sounding amps out there like Traynor, Splawn and Ceriatone clones.

Ask me about Splawn if you are interested, check your craigslist for deals, and use the link in my sig to find gear.

Oh and good luck.
if you really want everything, maybe see if you can score a mesa mark IV head. should be able to pick one up under 2k used. since youve already got a cab, that could be an option. then grab a new cab in a bit as you save up.

NOTE: i havent personally tried the mark iv, but people seem to recomend them a lot when people ask for an amp that can do a lot of styles, so i figured i would throw it out there