I am a clueless nerdy absolute beginner choosing his first gear.

I am thinking of getting:
a budget solid body electric guitar (say 200 bucks)
+ a VG-99
+ a GK-3 hexa pickup to hook up the two
and connect the VG-99 to my (Vista) laptop, itself connected to my good stereo speakers (Harmann-Kardon) to produce sound.

I would like to know whether:
1) such setup is possible at all (or are there some tricky connection problems)?
2) it will result in diverse, fun, good enough sounds to a beginner's ear?

My reasoning is:

1) Once connected to the VG-99, the guitar pickups are bypassed so the guitar sound quality comes essentially from the COSM guitar sim + the amp sim + the effects, hence the difference between a low-end and high-end guitar is minimal and not worth the extra-cost

2) Though the VG-99 is pricey, the alternative is buying a decent guitar + a decent amp + a decent multi-effects box which must end up costing just as much or even more, and with all that you still can't play classical, 12 string, acoustic or bass guitars nor have fun with synth pads or a MIDI driven software sampler.

3) Practicing with many different sounds might turn significantly less dour and discouraging the initial kiloHours of lonely, noise pollution sounding, endless scale, chord progression and strumming repetitions that a beginner faces before being able to output anything even remotely musical.

Does it make sense?
Or I am missing something?

Thanks a lot in advance for any feedback or hints.
Honestly, I would say either get a decent guitar and amp, or just get a decent guitar and a nice multi effects pedal with a headphone jack (like a GT-10). I owned the VG-99 for about a year and do not think it would be good for a beginner. Playing through the gk-3 pickup is not the same as playing through normal pickups. If there is any calibration problem at all with the height or placement of the gk-3 you are going to get buzzing, lag, low volume, etc. Also the gk-3 is not the easiest thing to mount on your guitar, not the best thing for a beginner. I also found the gk-3 to be very sensitive to any accidental string hitting, another thing that would not be great for a beginner. I also am not sure that your setup would work, I am not sure how you would get constant output through the speakers.

Edit: Now that I think about it the VG-99 is also pretty complicated to use too. It obviously can be as complex as you want it to be, but a pretty good guitar player probably wouldn't be able to get his moneys worth out of it let alone a beginner. The amount of customization on it is quite insane.
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Dude as cool as guitar sim systems are, they really are very complicated. As a beginner you need to worry more about learning and less about your gear. Of course I would recommend starting with decent gear but you really need to worry about good instructional material or a guitar teacher. When you progress in playing, and get more of your style going, then think about more gear. I would say if you are looking for lots of sounds from a guitar amp, go for a modeling amp such as the Roland cube series, or the Vox Valvetronix series. For guitar I would suggest something versatile like a HSS Strat, Les Paul, or Telecaster.
However we really can't help much more if you don't tell us. 1. Your budget 2. what music genres/ styles you dig 3. Are you willing to go used?
Good Luck!
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