Now I'm not sure if this belongs in the Car thread...if it does mods can delete it. But anyways, I have a touch screen in my car...the only problem is that it isn't wired to anything...I have a bunch of out puts from it..but it isn't powered. I'm not sure what brand it is..it just says TFT 7" wide screen across the top. I want to wire it to a GPS of some sort but I'm not sure how to power it. It has a USB cable attached to it among other things. I will take pictures. If anyone has anything similar in their car...wanna help me out on how to power this thing?
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The car thread would prob be your best bet.

Although, if you are gonna fool around with electronics, perhaps a mechanic would b a better bet.
Take it to a Best Buy or similar car stereo shop and see if they can help you out.
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fistly the screen is powered by the cars battery, generally sat navs are powered by the car battery via a 12v cigerette light socket inside the car