you put your foot in it when you turned the frolic into dilemma
and sucked the edge of your glass with your lips
thoughts run through, consume you, why aren't you thinner?
the crash of a taxi overturning half way

and somewhere in it all you share a glance
and that's romance

an irresistable... urge
or feeling or whatever it's known as
like the wind the earth seems to... turn
and out of your mouth comes the dirt

somewhere in it he asks for a dance
and that's romance

light a cigarette
in silhouette
watch those smoke rings sail up, up into the air

and that's romance
Very nicely done. A couple of the rhymes seemed slightly forced, ie: "dance" and "romance," but the imagery was beautiful and descriptive. The emotion in the piece was almost palpable throughout.

I usually don't comment on your stuff, I just realized. Huh.
This is pretty interesting. I like it, although I feel it's top heavy. Even though the whole thing is good, the first "verse" is the strongest one. Of course, I may not be entirely aware of your intention, and sadly, reading lyrics as opposed to hearing them in a song weakens the effect. Either way, my opinion from what I have been presented with is that you could stand to strengthen the end of the song some. I'm actually quite fond of the "mouth full of dirt" part.