Here I threw in some drums for ya' to give this song a bit more a fuller sound, couldn't do the bass though as it'd take too long into the night .

Unfortunately, the song seems very generic - those simple 5 7 8 7 5 riffs etc. Try to move away from this but don't worry about it as I was in this zone too for a while .
I do like the end as it's 3/4 but in a 4/4 rhythm (perhaps not deliberate) but I kept the time sig. the same to give the drums a more interesting sound.

I might toy around with this song some more tomorrow and you don't need to accept the drum track as I don't know if the rhythms were what you were going for.

4/10 due to the generic nature of it (the genre itself is very generic mind you )
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i'd be willing to write you a bass part, just say the word.

*edit* i couldn't help it, i added it already :P im so bored.

i don't care if you use it or not, or change some parts, i may have gone a little overboard with a few slides but meh.
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