I’m just clearing out some room. Shipping is on top of prices listed. Pics will be posted once I can find my camera.

The only trades I’m interested in are:
Strat or super strat type guitar
Compact tube head (like a Tiny Terror or Vox Night Train)
That’s it.

Furman SPB8 Pedalboad w/ SC: $110
Blackout Whetstone SN 119: $225
Barber Direct Drive: $85
Devi Ever Soda Meiser: $70
AMT Fatal Tube: $65
EHX Soul Preacher: $65
Russian Big Muff (Current Version) $45
Voodoo Labs Superfuzz: $80
EHX Mole: $27
EHX Muff OD: $30
Electric Toad Moon Boost: $60
-Germanium Clean/ Fuzz boost