he would like to play alternative.

He likes the following bands:

tool, dream theater, muse, red hot chili peppers

his price range is $500-$600.
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don't bump after an hour....

take a look at hartke, kustom and peavey. How much power is he looking for?

kustom 410 peavey head

Slightly over budget, but a good rig. Kustom cabs are very good, in my opinion

edit: look into used! One guy on here got a hartke 410 combo for $150 or so. For the record, that deal = ridiculous.
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How much wattage does he need?
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have him look at a GK backline 600 head. its 350 watts at 4 ohms and its loud. i loved mine untill it was stolen. as for a cab, the backline series cabs arent that bad...or look at the kustom cabs. stay away from hartke cabs in this price range. also...check your local craigslist. ive found some amazing deals