So ive been playing on an epi les paul custom the last 4 years and im looking to upgrade now. I can fork out about 1000$ at the most. What are some good guitars around that price range.. im wanting to get a guitar that has an extremely nice clean sound for reggae/blues/indie stuff but that can also be used to play a lot of thrash metal stuff. So i guess an all around guitar but one that sounds very good clean. Would a telecaster be a good investment? maybe a PRS? Any input would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
type of music amp?
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Prs would be a good choice imo. They sound good clean and driven
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If you keep your LP for Thrash and higher gain, you should get a semi-hollow like a Sheraton.
Don't get a PRS. The only ones in your budget are SEs which aren't really an upgrade. If you're going to play metal get something with humbuckers. I would look into an Ibanez ARX500.
Thanks for the responses...cant really keep my LP for anything more than practice...its a piece of crap now..dead frets everywhere hah. What abotu a tele?
The "Blade"... A carbon fiber guitar. Virtually indestructible, sounds great, plays great. Lightweight, unprecedented upper fret access due to a non-existant heel.

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