I'm looking at getting a new guitar, and the Jackson USA Kelly Ke-2 caught my eye, but I'm having trouble finding some information on it, and the closest jackson dealer where I can try it is an hour away, so I'd like to be pretty certain it's the guitar I want before I go try it out. The three main things I'm trying to find out right now are:

How well it's tremolo stays in tune (I can't really find anyone who's mentioned the subject and it's a big deal for me)
How hot the pickups are/how prone to feedback they are(I haven't been able to find any high quality sound clips of the guitar)
How long the sustain on the guitar is.

Also on the jackson site the kelly is listed at being available in a wide array of colors, but online I have only found it in "eerie swirl" and black, does anyone know how to purchase a ke-2 in one of the other colors listed/what the prices of the other colors are?

Thanks a lot for your help.
It has an Original Floyd Rose so it should stay in tune fine. Theres many licenced Floyd Roses that still stay in tune fine, they just wear out faster. It is floating though (the tremolo doesnt touch the body so it can be pulled back and pushed down to make changes in pitch upwards and downwards.) If you break a string all the other strings go out of tune, and you cant but a EVH d-tuna in it (which allows you to easily go down from E to D on the low E string) unless you block it from upward or up pitch movement.

The pickups I can't really help you on... My guess which is sorta based on the stereotype of the users of that style of guitar is that they are hot enough for pinchys and some metal. As for feedback issues, if your having feedback issues I would check the guitar cable to see if it has a problem... Pickups normally create a nice feedback working with the strings to create some nice harmonics.

Its neck through which means that the neck is basically the whole body with some wings attached that increase the body size, and allow such a shape. It should have better sustain than most bolt on guitars, and theres some bolt on guitars out there with nice sustain. It also has a lot of wood behind the bridge which should give it nice resonance, also more wood = more mass = more sustain. Also since its a maple neck through it should have good sustain because maple is a nice dense wood that has good sustain. If you need infinity sustain you should look into sustainiac or fernades sustainer pickups, which run off a 9v and vibrate the strings.

However, I would just like to say I have never played the guitar but im just taking a guess as to how it is from its specs and some of my general knowledge of guitars...

As for different colours I dont really know, but good luck.
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Dont worry about the trem. It's a OFR, which is one of the best (if not THE best) floating trem ever made.
Don't worry about the pickups either. They are Seymour duncans Jazz/JB combo, which have output enough to do all kinds of metal, but not too much output either so they remain increadibly versatile.
About the sustain: You have a floating trem, which practically EATS sustain. So neckthru/bolt on/ set neck: it all doesnt matter because of the floyd. But don't worry, If your guitar is set up well, it should still have enough sustain to please any guitarist, except for those experimental weirdo's that want to play notes longer then 30 seconds...
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