When I'm playing bass or guitar and am alone jamming away, I often get in spots where I just put the instrument down because I can't think of any new ideas. However, when I jam with people, I can play all day and be very inventive. How do you all practice without getting bored of the same scales and exercises?

I understand backing tracks are fun, but hey get old and that goes the same for learning songs too.
i often just pick it up and come up with riffs. its a very slow process. other than that, i practice along with songs on my computer, as well as with a band. it really depends on the skill levels of the people youre playing with on what you come up with.
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Yeah i practice mostly like that. First i always practice some scales so i do not forget them. Then i try and work on some of my techniches, be it working on my speed, alternate picking, tremolo bar techniches, etc. Then i generally jam to some backing tracks or come up with my own riffs and then to finish i load videos on youtube of songs i am learning on guitar and i play along to them to work on my coordination and beat as well as reinforcing my ability to play the song and the techniches employed in the way.
That just means you work better with others... so get in a band and jam away!

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