I am considering purchasing a 2002 Gibson Les Paul Standard (flamed maple top cherry sunburst). I was wondering if anyone knows how the quality of a 2002 les paul compares to an 08 or 09 les paul. I know they weren't using the 'plek'd' system then. But what other differences are there? I was going to buy one for 1500 dollars, slightly used with a few belt marks on the back. Is this a good deal or no deal? Any help would be appreciated.
You need to try it out and give it a good inspection. I find a lot of fret problems on Gibsons. The quality of a 2002 compared to newer LPs can be the same or completely different this is why you need to play any LP before you buy it and compare. I just posted a reply about some used Gibby LPs I wouldn't pay 1500 for a used standard I would offer less than 1000 because right now it's very hard to sell a guitar it's a buyers market.