Hey guys. I have been playing guitar for about... a year and 3 months.
I enjoy playing a lot, but I feel I should be a lot better for how long I have been playing.
Here is a video of me playing.

I would like to get more serious about playing guitar.
Like maybe come up with a practice schedule.
I have never really sat down and practiced techniques.
I know nothing about scales or music theory.
Mostly just practiced songs I enjoy until I got decent at them.

So I would like to make a 2 hour practice schedule for everyday.
Please help with what exercises I should do.
Thanks guys!
Learn lots of techniques for playing and then attack theory. I made the mistake of songs > theory > technique when I learned bass and I had to go back and learn the songs again after working out technique.
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jazz bass.

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Nice cover! I have been playing for roughly the same amount of time as you and from what I can see we are probably around the same level of goodness.

What I have recently started doing to increase fretting hand dexterity and right hand picking technique is getting exotic scales and trying to think up the hardest way to incorporate every note in the scale without it sounding out of place. As in, I will do some parts swept, maybe do a bit of string skipping and then just do a good old fast alternate picking run until my fingers are perfectly comfortable with playing it at a relatively fast tempo.

I have definitely improved a lot since trying out doing stuff like that, also, look up a solo that seems above you're skill level and longer than 15 seconds and properly spend a few good hours training your hands to be able to play through it to the song.

sorry if my advice is a bit generic, but it is generic for a reason! :P

TL;DR - dick around with less used scales and hard solos a lot.
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Can't hear your guitar very well, if at all, in the video.

Find a song you want to play. Practice it. You've just gotten a little bit better. Look at some theory lessons. bangoodcharlotte has a great lesson in her signature. Keep on that for a while and you'll be good to go for now.
I messed around with the setting on my amp for a while to get it to sound really close to the album guitar. The guitar you hear in the video is my playing. I can assure you sir.
I don't really agree with schedules. Just practice what you need to for a decent amount of time, until you can play the stuff you want. Unless you're doing exams, then practice the exams daily for a set amount of time.
Not my kind of music but good job anyways
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How many hours a day do you practice on average?? Very nice BTW
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I practice anywhere from 5 to 10 hours a week probably.
I haven't been very serious about playing.
I would like to pick up on it.
Well you can do stuff like learn scales, chords ( i mean a more varied rather than major and minor, the 9s, 11s, 13s, minor 7s, sus, etc)

after having a somewhat decent grasp, its quite good to listen to jazz or blues (prefairably both) to get a more better idea of improvising, self taught sounding music, etc.

Training your ear would be better early on but first comes the theory so you know what to look for.

nice job anyways, much better than me when i was 1 year going.
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