I recently started playing my acoustic downtown and I love it! Unfortunately, I've taught myself most of what I know after 6 months of lessons (I've been playing for almost 3 1/2 years) so my skill is moderate with plenty of room for improvment. Basically If anybody doesn't mind helping a brother out, It would be cool for some good ideas for acoustic songs to play downtown. Thanks!
There is a thread of songs for these kinds of things in the Acoustic Guitar forum. Check that out.

Wonderwall, Times Like These, Banana Pancakes etc. They all work better if ur singing too though
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In terms of acoustic songs Ive been playing Runnin To The Edge of The World by Marilyn Manson,really easy song,learned it in 5 mins
Lifes a grave and I dig it!
How much do you make on a normal night?

Ive been looking into going to downtown Detroit and busking.
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A Minor Swing-Django Reinhardt
Nick Drake-Things Behind the sun, Day is Done, Parasite, Black Eyed Dog, and many more, check him out.
Elliot Smith-Needle in the Hay, Angeles, Between the Bars, Southern Belle, Kings Crossing.
Opeth-The Entire Damnation album.
Muse-Unintended, Nature1, City of Delusion.
Jeff Buckley-Hallelujah, Lover you should have come over.
Radiohead-Fake Plastic Trees, Street Spirit
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nick drake is amazing, try pink moon.
also Skinny love by Bon Iver
and Mother by pink floyd
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