Im selling a Gibson Explorer Black with white pickguard including Gibson hard case, EMG 81/85 active pickups installed by Petes Music. Ive owned it for a little over a year. It was purchased 08/28/08 Its made in america, so no cheesy knockoffs. This is set up for dropped C tuning. If you need a heavy sound to a rock or even amazing leads this is the guitar. It has little signs of wear, one little chip the size of a pin on the very middle in the back I think from a belt buckle seen in one of the photos. Could be passed as almost perfect with little signs of wear. I have receipts with every purchase from the EMG's to the actual guitar purchase with full Serial Number. It even has the original pickups that come with the guitar from Gibson.
If you need any other pictures please let me know.
heres the link to the photos

Price $950 picked up. Price Drop: $925 shipped and $850 picked up. No trades please, and no checks. Cash in hand. Please email me directly at ub3rdork@me.com. I will respond immediately
trade for esp/ltd ec-400at?
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trade for esp/ltd ec-400at?

^ this tool is back again...

either way, epic ass guitar my friend...like wow, seriously I don't think i've ever seen a more beautiful Gibson in my life...

If only i have 9 lyin around
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I met Jesus once. Cocksucker still owes me 20 bucks.
Thanks man. I know I hate having to part with it. It ****ing rips. But I do have a Lea Paul standard that gives
me everything I want for a guitar.
It sucks you won't ship, because I'd totally buy it =(

I would probably only be able to afford it for 800-850 shipped anyways lol

But if you change your mind.... =D
Hey, I got out of a ticket today! That means that I can paypal you 850$ within three days if you ever consider shipping to South Carolina!

Just let me know!
I'm sorry for the three post in a row deal, but you know how we can't edit on this board =P

If you are willing to ship, I can actually pay you 900$ shipped now. I had a little surprise extra in my paycheck lol. So, if you maybe would like to ship, then I'm ready to buy it!
I wish I could edit this thread. I want to drop the price $925 shipped and $850 picked up