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Yes, why carry around a pocket sized metronome when you just can just take your desktop computer

If you're willing to spend 50 bucks, may I reccomend the Planet Waves Deluxe Tuner/Metronome?
It can do weird time signatures (such as alternating 6 and 7 ) at any temp up to 250 bpm, as well as subdivisions of the beat up to 21 I think (though I really don't see why anyone would ever go that high)

In addition, it has a digital pitch pipe and strobe tuner (and a few other nifty features)

There's also the DB-30 Dr. Beat, but it's gotten a lot of bad reviews (I haven't myself tried it out)

The Korg KD-M2 seems pretty good too, but once again, I haven't actually tried it
I got the one that goes, "tick, tick, tick, tick, tick, tick...."

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