I started playing 8 years ago got bored and I'm making a come back as a de-stressor (I'm in professional school and I hate it but that's another story). I've been back playing for about 5 months. I'm probably what you would call intermediate level it takes me a day to learn a song that is mostly chords, and a couple weeks @ 1hr a day for a song with a solo (think Wind Cries Mary, Yellow Ledbetter), I usually have to use tabs w/ youtube videos to figure out what is going on in a song. Who knows maybe I'm worse than I think.

Anyway I want to get good enough that I can justify buying myself some nice gear when the money comes in (the fantasy of wall to wall guitars, tele, strat, LP, explorer, flying V, full stacks as far as the eye can see). What I'm looking for right now are some exercises to introduce me to connecting my scales up and down the fret board and improve my finger speed and accuracy (adding some sweeping arpeggios would be cool too).

Also I'm looking for an all inclusive theory book for guitar. Really I want the results to be that I can learn the songs faster than I can now using tabs exclusively. Please don't refer me to the UG lessons without citing specific lessons, unfortunately I don't have time to go through what is good and what is bad as far as lessons are concerned given that I have a very tight schedule. I'm looking at 1/2 hour to 1 hr of dedicated practice time a day, can I even get really good like this or am I just wasting my time?

Thanks for any help I know I seem to be asking for a lot
I personally do not have a schedule. When you make and stick to a schedule it tends to bring characteristics of measurement into your playing. The old 'sports guitar syndrome' can start to creep in. I tend to play things, spot weaknesses, work on said weaknesses.

Obviously it's good to go through all kinds of chords and scales and practice all kinds of techniques, and learn your theory. But i find, personally, that it's better to go with the flow and learn what you need to to be able to play music that you like. If you like a variety of music, in no time you'll find that with practicing things correctly you'll start to build up good technique.