Hey everyone.

Yesterday I bought a Limited Edition Epiphone Custom Les Paul.

After playing around with the different tones of the guitar, I realised that something was a little odd.

When I flick the switch in the middle position (activating both pickups) and turn just one of the volume knobs (either the treble or rhythm volume), they both go silent.

I know that both of the pickups are working correctly because I can hear them and adjust the tone and volume of each one when in the middle position of the pick-up selector.

It's just when I turn one of the volume knobs down completely, it kills both pickups. It doesn't just happen to one volume knob in particular.

I was just wondering if this is meant to be happening or if it is a fault, because I thought that if you turned the treble, for example, down completely, you would still be able to hear the rhythm pick-up and vice versa.

Your help would be greatly appreciated, thanks.


PS: If it is a fault I will take it back to the store and either get it repaired or replaced.
Nope sometimes they are wired like that. My Eclipse is wired the same so it's nothing to be worried about but I do believe that you can have it so that when you put 1 of the pots to 0 then you still have sound but I'm not sure on the wiring.
Ok thanks azn_guitarist25. I'm still not sure because I have 2 volume knobs and 2 tone knobs and it just doesn't really make sense. I'll probably just ring up the store. Thanks for your help.
Cool thanks for the response al112987. I'm not as worried now but still curious. Thanks again =).
Yes, that's how it works. It works out so that you can always silence your guitar when you need to - otherwise, in the middle position you'd have to change the switch and then turn the volume all the way down. You can re-wire the volumes to be independent if you really want, but there's nothing wrong with your switch.
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