Hi. I'm just after people to throw some ideas out on a good, high gain metal sound. I wanna understand more about what to use and where. So just spitball me some gear ideas, settings etc. What should I steer clear of and what gear should be used to acheive which sound?

Appreciate any input.

metal thread,

gear thread

if you look around there is countless info on tone. Hell even if you think you know it all there's always room for experimentation. Wait till you start trying to RECORD metal tone, it's quite difficult to nail it

good luck mate
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Good high gain + metal sound?


Errr... not really

What is your goal? Guitar? Band preferences? SS or t00b? Pedals or guitar-into-amp?
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thats what i would get for the most brutal metal amps
in that order.

stay away from Bugera, Line6/bogner, bogner alchemist.
Peavey........well if you like that bees in a tin can sound..... they do make rad squeals but i think they lack the other amps tonal qualitys.
but then again tone is completly relative.
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