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I've got a Deluxe Power Strat with an alder body that I'm looking to replace the pickups, and I was looking to get the opinions of the powers that be as to what exactly to cram in there. Ideally, I'm looking to beef up the tone, and I'm looking to end up with an H/H setup, rather than SSH or HSH. I've been looking at a Tone Zone for the neck, and possibly a PAF of sorts for the bridge, but I haven't had too much experience with Humbuckers, so I defer to the collective wisdom and experience of the forums....this should get interesting. I don't exactly play a ton of metal, much more of a rock/blues player here, so Im not looking for something to shred with....just one with a warm, vintage growl that you can't get with single coils, and one with enough of a kick that I can tear up if need be. Open to any suggestions here, and thanks in advance for your help!

***And before the masses start saying that I should just buy an LP...if I had the cash on hand for an LP, believe you me I'd get one in a second, but I'm in college, and thus depressingly poor, so this will have to do...
I love a nice old school rock strat done up, if you get a new pick guard, you should get one of those black ones with the white trim, they look nice and rock (Mainly on a black strat and when the pickups have covers)

Maybe one of those nice old Seymour Duncan '59s or an antiquity.

http://www.guitarelectronics.com/category/guitar___bass_pickups.humbuckers.seymour_duncan/ That site also has reasonably priced replacement pick guards.
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You could always try single-coil sized humbuckers, like the SD Hot Rails Hatecrew lined above, or maybe JB Jr's. My friend has Hot Rails in his Dinky--they sound great.
Get a BG Bucker in the neck and a Hellabucker in the bridge.

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Looks promising so far...Id totally go with single coil sized buckers, but I'm going for both aesthetics and tone here, as well as needing two buckers to do that stuttering thing. I really like those BG buckers....can't decide exactly which I want to stick in the neck, but definitely looking at the hella bucker.

Quick question: a lot of hte buckers Im seeing are listed as coming with either "single (vintage) braid" or 4 conductor wiring....does that just have to do with coil splitting and such? If I weren't interested in splitting my coils at any point, should I go with the single braid wire or what?
If there's no cost difference you should go for the 4 conductor. It's for coil splitting, yeah, but there's really no reason not to get it.
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