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3 23%
salmon philippe
10 77%
Voters: 13.
So, we meet again.

EDIT: Your new track was even better than the last one, I guess you won this one.
Last edited by Bluestube at Oct 5, 2009,
I knew that other track sounded somehow familiar...

But yeah, my previous comment still applies, as this is still awesome acoustic blues, only with very good vocals this time!
Sorry bluestube your track is very good, too, but you are up against raw experience here...tough luck!
Why not listen to my songs on my profile?
I am a bit ashamed because this is not really a new track and I recorded this in 2006... and it has been on my profile for months. But you can be sure that next time (if there is a next time for me here) I will send some new works ...
Good luck
Sweet track bluestube, you're up against some fierce competition this round tho!

Love the vocals Phil - even more impressive being in your second language!
Thanks mate !
Singing must be the best thing I do in music - or at least the thing that gives me the best pleasure - because there , I can give all the feelings I have though I don't have a powerful voice at all. With the guitar it is for me harder, but I am still improving (after 34 years training, it is a minimum)
Quote by Jimmy94
Great singing salmon, you've still got my vote with this track

Mine, too.
I really enjoyed Bluestube's track but salmon tok my vote
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