So in some "betcha can't play this" Vid, rusty cooley says that the lick is in a phrygian minor key... I don't get it... Would I, say if i was playing d phrygian (F G A Bb C D Eb), would i just apply the minor 3, 6, and 7? making it F G Ab Bb C Db D? Or what? Lol

Phrygian minor is exactly the same as phrygian. Just the third mode. I know the vid you're talking about though. In other words, D Phrygian minor is the same as D phrygian. Flat second, flat third, flat 6th, flat 7th. I think. lol.
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Ye exactly, they call it d phygian minor just being the phygian mode has a minor sound to it, dorian is minor so is aeolian, and the rest are major except locrian which is dimished sounding. people use it to sound fancy thats all XD
Haha alrighty, thanks guys... I'm gonna use it to sound smart too! xD
He called in Phrygian minor to distinguish it from Phrygian Dominant, which has a major third.
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