I have been playing for about two years now mainly rock and metal.
I would like to buy a new electric as sick of mine buzzing out and frets are to high and lose. (repair work $200+ and just not worth it)
I would prefer to have emg pickups and a floyd rose with mayby 24 fret and want it to be a metal guitar. Also cheap like under a 1000 would be nice
any suggestions would be great.
well, you're looking for an ibanez guitar. their edge pro tremolos are great, i use them myself. the stock pickups will need exchanging though, they're mediocre at best, to be honest. however, the neck is really thin, huge frets and they're 24 of them. if you like superstrat bodies, ibanez is the way to go!

EDIT: now that I'm reading my post, this sounds like a ibanez advertise.. schecter is always a good choice, too. although i didnt like the hellraiser i played, maybe you'll like it better than me. other than that, there's not much in your price range. if you're willing to pay more, you could have a look into jacksons or esp's. good luck
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You can solve fret buzz without paying the shop or buying a new guitar. Tried raising the action? Filing the the faulty fret(s)? Adjusting the truss rod? You don't need other people to do it for ya .
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Ibanez RG 550- around 600, older ones with the square neck joints are rad.

Jackson kv2- 1000, like a RR but with 24 frets and a better balance with the extended wing
I love mine

Ive played a lot of the cheaper schecter models and have been blown away.
Im about to get one of their $400 7 strings.
solid for as low priced as they are.
you should get a schecter.

unless you dont want to be as narrow minded.

then suss out Ibanez, Jackson and Caparison (bit more expensive caparisons..)
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schecters are nice i sold mine because i wanted money to buy a schecter omen right now i have an ibanez rgx digital camo with the a locking tremolo it does the same thing as a Floyd rose but its called something different. Im personally not a fan of it just because of tunning but i kinda want to look into the van halen drop d thing that can go on the back of it but my suggestions to you would be Ibanez, Schecter or the up scale deans the deans below 300 are mostly garbage.
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DO NOT get and ibanez with an edge 3 trem! They wear out because they are made with low quality materials, i think this factor literally makes the guitar useless in the long run. You could probably get an LTD for that price too. Even an LTD Deluxe series. Schecters are nice but i personally think they are extremely tacky looking (as well as BC Rich). Every schecter has something that i dislike about it visually. Usually inlays. Remember, an Ibanez in your price range isn't going to have the best stock pickups so you will want to get an upgrade sometime soon after buying it. And don't forget about that Edge 3! If you are not sure what bridge it is ask someone who works at the store to confirm its not and edge 3. You'll thank me when you aren't buying a new trem 6 months to a year down the line. Jacksons are still and option, and i've seen some new charvels that are pretty nice.
There are a lot of guitars to choose from and even more then i named. Go to a guitar store and look in your price range for something that sounds and feels great to you.
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correct, the edge III is a giant piece of crap.

the other edges are decent though. and now this new ZR system they've come up with...
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