The new Trivium album?

If you're into that sort of thing that is.

anything from the new megadeth album, but chris's parts only

or pretty much anything be behemoth
'into the night under a crimson sky on the the fetid wings of death we ride' Messiah Of Hate by Hell Wave
nevermore? some great riffs
andy mckee

Crack the skye amazing album of 2009

"No reason to get excited." The thief he kindly spoke, "There are many here among us, who feel that life is but a joke."
Like getting punched in the face with a 7 string?

You want to learn some early Meshuggah. iirc they tune to Bb standard with 7s, though they use 8s now. I'm pretty sure it's Bb, though I tend to play the newer stuff tuned to F#.
AFTER THE BURIAL!!! im pretty sure their the chunkiest seven stringers out. listen to berserker or ometh, ****in good tracks.
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^^^And I think you mean gateway drug. Not portal. If drugs were to create portals to other drugs, it would be pretty ****ing awesome.
Dream Theatre has used 7 strings since the 90s if you're into that. Morbid Angel uses 7 strings although most of their 7 string songs are kinda slowish(at least the ones i've heard) and they tune in Bb. Necrophagist also has a few 7 string songs, not many but a few, and the tuning is either in B or A, idk for sure(on their 6 string sonds they are tuned down but idk about the 7 string songs).